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In many events, weddings and organizations, full confirmation of the participation status of the participants is very important for efficiency.

You cannot take any immediate action regarding the guests that you think will attend but you learn that they will not attend on the event day.

This situation returns to the organization as an extra cost and inefficiency. It is possible to solve this problem with a periodic and well-planned RSVP service. RSVP service is the study of periodically searching the guest lists determined before the event and confirming their participation status.

RSVP service stands for "répondez s'il vous plaît - please reply". Although RSVP service has been tried to be carried out by electronic methods using technology in recent years, the most effective method is still one-to-one telephone calls.

Our agency, which provides intensive service on RSVP service, increases the efficiency of your event by performing all searches related to your event and reporting to you instantly and periodically. You can contact our corporate team for your RSVP service needs.

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